GSSI welcomes you…

Griffin Structural Systems, Inc. (GSSI) was established in September 1994 and was originally G&B Southern, Inc., undergoing a name change in September of 2000.

GSSI specializes in several areas within the post-tensioned concrete area. Our foremost specialty is the supply and installation of barrier cable systems in mostly parking garages. These systems are comprised of strand cables and anchorage components. They at times involve steel supports for the cables, chain link fence attached to the cables, and other miscellaneous attachments to the cables.

Our other main focus is within the repair section of the post-tensioning business. We are considered experts in the repair of broken post-tensioned cables. We supply turnkey services here including the chipping of concrete around the cables, repair or replacement of the cables and patch back of the chipped areas. Broken cables happen at times during new construction, but also are prevalent in remodeling work where as other contractors drill through the slab and break the cables.

Other facets within the industry we do include specialty installation of post-tensioning cables. These are in special situations whereas your average ironworker does not have the experience or expertise, or on projects so small as to not have the interest of the large installers. These projects are rare, and are considered on a job by job basis. The most common of these may be post-tensioned slabs on grade whereas there is very little rebar content. We will install both the rebar and the post-tensioned cables. Another example is where we have installed rebar and new cables on a transfer beam on the underside of the second floor on a parking deck. The original beam was designed too small and had to be increased in size. All work had to be accomplished from underneath making it a specialty project that the rebar placer was not comfortable with.

Anyone desiring more detailed information should contact Mr. Griffin, President of GSSI.

I derive the most pleasure in having the ability to provide an economical and feasible solution in situations where the norm will not work due to a variety of reasons. We have occasions where installations were not accomplished per shop drawings, or issues in installing cables where there is interference from other trades, or where components were omitted from being cast into the structure. We pride ourselves in being able to present a feasible and economical solution to these different issues.

James W. Griffin

President, Griffin Structural Systems, Inc.