Security meets style…
with Chain Link Security Systems

Expanding upon their popular Chain Link Barrier System, GSSI is proud to offer Chain Link Security Fencing. With posts and rails built out of SS40 grade steel, GSSI’s Chain Link Security Fencing is one of the strongest commercial systems on the market. A selection of chain link fabric gauge thickness is available, tailor made to the level of security you desire. Custom fabricated steel security doors as well as chain link gates are available, offering everything from galvanized to vinyl coated finishes.

With a wealth of experience, GSSI has custom built security fencing in a variety of external and internal wall openings. Installations have been adjacent to security roll-up vehicular doors and gates, within stairwells and many other custom applications.

When a bold look is as important as a secure space…

trust GSSIwhere Security meets style.




I derive the most pleasure in having the ability to provide an economical and feasible solution in situations where the norm will not work due to a variety of reasons. We have occasions where installations were not accomplished per shop drawings, or issues in installing cables where there is interference from other trades, or where components were omitted from being cast into the structure. We pride ourselves in being able to present a feasible and economical solution to these different issues.

Bill Griffin

Owner, GSSI, Inc.