The look is in the link…
with Chain Link Barrier Systems

Developed over decades, GSSI provides a sturdy barrier combination of chain link fabric and steel cable. Built to last, this system meets pedestrian code demands as well as affordable car crash protection.

To suit your needs, GSSI offers three cable with chain link barrier system or any additional multiple of cable combinations. They offer this system in various gauges and sizes of chain link fabric featuring everything from galvanized to vinyl coated. In addition, GSSI offers custom sized chain link panels to fit openings within garage walls for pedestrian protection.

If you need it… GSSI can create it.




Bill does a thorough job of reviewing the documents (both contract documents and Precast shop drawings) and takes the time to explain all the issues, conflicts and gaps upfront – to minimize change orders at a later date. Install scheduling and the work performed is excellent and makes GSSI an absolute breeze to work with. I would absolutely recommend him to others and plan to use him as often as I possibly can.

Neha Dugal

Project Manager, Batson Cook Company