Build on a Wealth of Experience… 

Led by James W. Griffin, an expert in the field, GSSI has repaired broken cables and re-worked tensioned slabs and beams in multiple structures since it’s inception. Before founding GSSI in 1994, Mr. Griffin was Special Projects Construction Manager for a large international post-tensioning firm, and the team at GSSI has built a reputation on his experience. In the area of post-tensioning cable repair, each project is unique.

Repair of broken post-tensioned cables can prove to be very challenging, but rest assured that GSSI can get the job done. GSSI has proven to offer sound and innovative methods in repairs which have restored structural integrity and reduced repair costs in many instances.

Build on a wealth of experience… on or under your budget.




The ability to provide solutions to issues in which the industry or other competitors have a “it can’t be done “ attitude is what separates us from the competition. We have overcome many “it can’t be done “ issues over the years and many of our solutions have become standard procedures within our firm. A few have even been copied by our competiton.

Bill Griffin

Owner, GSSI, Inc.